About Us

WELCOME to Mokuton! So what is Mokuton and what are we all about? Well, our vision is simple. To encourage the purchase more ECO-FRIENDLY products by providing a range of QUALITY, MODERN ESSENTIALS, crafted with sustainable materials, namely WOOD AND BAMBOO. We avoid as much as possible, products that are made of plastic or other materials that require heavy chemical based production processes to ensure as LITTLE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT as possible.

That said, we love our MODERN LIFESTYLE a much as the next person; our tech and gadgets, home comforts and fashion, and don't want to give up our great looking products.  Well, thankfully, the two don't have to oppose each other and with a little consideration, we can produce HIGH QUALITY, DESIREABLE products in an environmentally friendly way by using sustainable materials and minimizing the amount of processing required to create the finished product. What's great is that the natural texture and grain of the wood makes a UNIQUE AND ELEGANT product which looks great and complements any decor or outfit. When sourced from FSC regulated forests, it ensures that the source of the wood is replenished for future.


Moreso than wood, BAMBOO is an incredibly SUSTAINABLE RESOURCE and is still greatly underutilized. It grows in abundance across the globe and is the world's FASTEST GROWING PLANT, with a recorded growth rate of up to 35" (91cm) per day! It also has other benefits such as natural anti-bacterial properties, it's water resistant, and extremely STRONG AND DURABLE, which is why you see it used as scaffolding in Jackie Chan movies!

So that's us in a nutshell, as well as DOING OUR BIT FOR THE PLANET, we also want you, our customer, to FEEL GREAT ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE, knowing that you've made a sustainable choice. With that said, we hope you enjoy our products and as always, get in touch if you have any questions.